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Why Girls With ADHD Are Different

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, more commonly referred to as ADHD is a disorder that affects most children and teenagers and can even continue onto adulthood of an individual. Generally, children with ADHD may be incredibly hyperactive and are unable to control their impulsiveness or may have a significant amount of trouble paying attention.

For this disorder, there are three kinds of behavioral factors involved; inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Although most children generally have trouble paying attention in the classroom or to their parents, a diagnosis required in these areas seem more extreme than acceptable.

Generally, the stereotype of ADHD in boys goes as boys would be disrupting the classroom by jumping, getting involved with other children in the middle of the class and/or blurting out words or answers without any discipline. However, when it comes to girls, diagnosis is made much later since the symptoms of ADHD in girls are far more subtle than they are in boys. Most girls usually only have the inattentive symptoms of ADHD and get called off as dreamy. If they have the hyperactive symptoms, it comes off as hyper-talkative or overemotional. Impulsive girls have the trouble of being appropriate in social situations and would have trouble keeping friends.

One of the biggest reasons most girls aren’t diagnosed with ADHD is that they trouble their emotional state to compensate for their weaknesses. Awareness would be growing as they get older and they realize working much harder than peers without ADHD. This would be damaging for their self-esteem. Girls who are usually hard on themselves about their lapses might be struggling with thoughts that they are “broken.”

Diagnosis is an essential first step in accepting that this disorder is something that cannot be dealt with alone. Hiring the right Psychiatrist Orlando FL is vital to ensure individuals receive the proper care and treatment to better their health and achieve their personal goals.

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