used Philips mobile x ray

Where does Amber get your imaging equipment?

Purchasing pre-owned medical imaging equipment is a lot different than purchasing a brand new piece of equipment. One of the main differences is where the equipment comes from. For brand new medical imaging equipment, the system comes directly from the factory it was built in.

As a firm that issues used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, Amber USA often finds that customers question how the devices are acquired.

The answer to that is that there are actually numerous ways a vendor could obtain medical imaging equipment. Amber USA has devised a list of three methods for how they obtain their equipment.

• Purchasing from facilities.
Amber USA uses this method as the primary form of obtaining imaging equipment. A department in the Amber USA organization conducts extensive outbound calls in an effort to locate imaging equipment that is available for purchase. Medical facilities can also contact Amber USA as a way to advertise their equipment for purchase.
• Purchasing from leasing companies.
Medical imaging equipment that is financed using an adequate market value where customers don’t buy the system at the end of the leasing period is taken back by the institution. Amber USA can purchase this equipment if they qualify as the highest bidder if the system is of quality condition.
• Purchasing from resellers.
A lot of resellers work well together in the market. With that being said, Amber USA would then be able to purchase and sell equipment to each other if one company has the system that Amber USA requires and vice versa.
No matter the place the system is obtained from, at Amber USA makes sure the acquired equipment is of high-quality and suitable for sale.

If you’re looking for the best used and refurbished medical imaging equipment of quality brands such as a used Philips mobile x ray, Siemens MRI machine, GE CT scanner, or more, contact Amber USA now for inquiries!