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Trial Separation.

Separation begins right after one of the spouses makes a decision and moves out of the marital residence. The spouse who moves out may reside with a family member or friend or may even need to sign a new apartment lease to live during the separation period.

For the individual who moves out, it’s best to arrange an agreement with the other spouse on how they would handle the logistics, living arrangements, visitation, and expenses. Dividing property and finances before an official separation would help prevent unnecessary battles in the courtroom that may be faced along the way.

Maybe two spouses will decide on separation during a marriage counseling process. Depending on how things would go in this process, the couple may either reconcile or decide it’s time to end the marriage and start a divorce.

So how does trial separation work?

A trial separation can be described as an experiment to live apart. A trial separation differs from a legal separation. In a trial separation, it doesn’t require a court order and has minimum formalities. A trial separation can also last as long as both spouses want it to. This means it can be from a few weeks to a few years according to the needs of both spouses.

A written separation agreement isn’t necessary to live temporarily apart from the spouse. However, it is generally better to put agreements as that into a written document.

A separation can provide solid decisions to end the marriage. It can also be helpful in evaluating how the divorce would potentially play out for family and friends. A trial separation isn’t legally binding.

While a trial separation may seem like a good idea, it’s best to acquire a competent Orlando FL divorce attorney to help individuals understand all procedures and help spouses be guided through the process if it comes to a divorce. If you’re looking to get a divorce but not aware where to start, The Law Office of Erin Morse is here to help. Through a competent set of attornies specializing in Family Law, client cases can be guided in the right direction. Contact the Law Office of Erin Morse for your family law needs!