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The Relation Between Obesity And Bulimia

Eating disorders such as bulimia and obesity could be seen as entirely different issues. However, they do share many similarities. In fact, eating disorder and other body image related disorders could overlap in certain situations.

Eating disorders and obesity are both a part of weight-related issues. In this case, the problems may include bulimic activities, unhealthy dieting, and obesity. Generally suffered by adolescent girls, more than one of these disorders may be progressed from one to another varying in severity.

It is critical to understand the issues behind the range of the weight-related problems to be able to avoid causing other disorders such as Bulimia Nervosa.

Unfortunately, the number of adolescent girls is increasingly high when it comes to the dissatisfaction with their body images. Accompanying these feelings comes to the practice of trying to lose weight in unhealthy ways that could be especially damaging to their bodies and self-esteem. Many girls resort to self-induced vomiting, laxative pills and other methods of unhealthy weight loss practices.

When it comes to binge eating, this is common among people with eating disorders as well as obese people. Individuals who have Bulimia find themselves binge eating then resort to purging the food/drinks.

The health risks of eating disorders may lead to:

• Stunted growth.
• Menstruation delay.
• Damage to vital organs in the body.
• Nutritional deficiencies.
• Anxiety.
• Depression.

For individuals to be able to face the fact that they are experiencing a severe mental health problem in this aspect requires a lot of strength and courage. The first step in accepting that the individual is experiencing a severe problem would be to look for the right Clermont psychiatrist to ensure that individual health and emotional state is improved.

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