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The Lifetime Of Your CT X-ray Tube.

Within every CT scanner device, there is an x-ray tube. The lifetime of that tube can depend on multiple factors. With proper analysis calculated from an x-ray technologist or radiologist expert, the average x-ray tube can be used for many years. However, there are also certain factors that can shorten the lifetime of an x-ray tube. These factors can be controlled by an x-ray technician. So how would users of the system be able to extend the life of an x-ray tube to guarantee maximum use of a CT scanner?

Proper care and preparation.

One of the most significant contributions to the life of an x-ray tube would be the preparation before using the system. Typically, the manufacturer would suggest that the x-ray tube needs to be warmed up before using. This would prevent damage caused by thermal shock.

Control of the current.

The life of an x-ray tube can be increased by ensuring that the minimum recommended current voltage is used. Additionally, the exposure time should also be appropriate for each test taken using the equipment.

Avoid damage from overheating.

Damage can be avoided by making sure users stick to the suggested levels of operation by the manufacturer. This is because there is a great amount of heat that is generated at the anode of the x-ray tube during a CT examination.

Determine if the x-ray tube needs a replacement.
Knowing the way around a CT tube would be able to help determine if it requires replacement. However, you aren’t able to determine if your x-ray tube requires a replacement or not, it is essential to contact a specialist.

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