Tampa Event Planners

Tampa Event Planners: Entrust Your Work To The Industry Best

We have to admit that event planning is a headache. You have to pick up the right place, choose the right menu to satisfy all the hungry mouths, and all the same, make sure everything happens smoothly. Given that this is your big day doing all this will not be possible, unless, of course, you are the mighty one with all the powers in the world. Since no one is, Tampa Event Planners have come forth to release the pressure on your shoulders. Also, we believe by entrusting the work to a proven expert; you will be freed from the stress in your mind as well.

Tampa Event Planners do all the above on behalf of you. There are superb venues managed just by the Saltblock Hospitality Group such as
• Orlo
• Cavu
• Foundation Coffee
• Glazer Children’s Museum
• Forty-two Ten
• Franklin Manor and much more.

The diversity of all the above places offer you an array of venues that suit different occasions as well as various personalities. Further, we extend our list of options by partnering with other best places in town like Tampa Bay Watch, The Vault, Rialto Theatre, etc.

How good the place will not matter if the food doesn’t satisfy the guests. The event will be a loss should the catering fail to give out an unforgettable memory. Therefore, Tampa Event Planners have combined the efforts of industry professionals to create the culinary sensation of the whole universe, using nothing but the freshest ingredients and highest quality food. Not a single plate is served without receiving the careful attention of our chefs.

Additionally, we provide the safest beverage services with catering. We rely only on safe-serving accredited bartenders to manage the bar. Even if you are interested only in one type of beverage, you just name it; we will give it to you.