Tampa Event Planners

Tampa Event Planners: Entrust The Job To A Connoisseur

Although people claim themselves to be experts in this and that, not all of them are being honest in commending themselves. A majority lies for financial benefits. Especially when it comes to event planning, the quacks will try to stand taller than the real connoisseurs. The ultimate result would be the jeopardy of the event. For Tampa Event Planners, money comes second. We are determined to provide a satisfying or more of an exceptional service to our customers first. Your event is important to us.

Event planning is not simple: it is a combination of many complex functions such as venue selection and catering. Tampa Event Planners take care of all these aspects on behalf of you and ensure your peace of mind. However, “Taking care of things” doesn’t imply the monopoly of Saltblock Group over your selections, forcing you to accept whatever we have put together. We offer you an array of exclusive venues and catering options that you can select. The rest of the work is done as per your request, and you will not have to run out of your mind worrying about the progress.

The venues managed by the Saltblock Hospitality are the best in town, and we partner with nothing less to expand your list of choices. While
• Orlo
• 4210
• Glazer Children’s Museum (3rd floor and terrace)
• Foundation Coffee
• Red Door
are managed by us, we partner with
• Tampa Bay Watch
• Rialto Theatre and many others in Tampa.

The catering services of Tampa Event Planners give out an even better culinary experience for the guests. Made out of the fresh and high-quality products, our food is presented in a way as to match the occasion. We work extra to give individual attention to all the dishes, hand-crafting them with great care. Also, we offer beverage services that include a variety of local beer, crafted cocktails, served only by the safe-serving accredited bartenders.