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Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is a quite common mental health condition that affects the way you feel, not for the better but for the worst. These negative feelings in general and prolonged feelings of sadness are parts of depression. It can also cause the affected individual to lose interest in activities from which they once gained enjoyment.

Several signs or symptoms that are associated with the onset of depression are present. Knowing these signs and symptoms beforehand can help you recognize the presence of depression in yourself or another. But self-diagnosis is not recommended as it’s always best to approach a Psychiatrist to conduct a proper diagnosis. Then the psychiatrist can decide on the appropriate treatment or combination of treatments that will render most effective.

A change of appetite is a common occurrence when the onset of depression starts. This change can go both ways as per overeating and undereating. Individuals with depression may find it difficult to have an appetite. And on the other hand, may even eat more than usual.

Another common trait is that these individuals will feel more lethargic than usual. The lack of energy will cause them to withdraw from many activities they once enjoyed. The urge to even move will be somewhat non-existent.

Low self-esteem is another common sign in individuals with depression. They may have persistent negative feelings towards themselves. The sense of them not being good enough will be present in their minds continuously.

These are but only a few of the traits that are present in individuals suffering from depression. The mere presence of these will not result in depression and neither will their lack suggest the absence of depression. But these can also be warning signs. A qualified Winter Garden Psychiatrist can conduct a proper diagnosis and come to a conclusion. A person suffering from depression needs to feel that there is hope. Here at Silver Lining Psychiatry, our Psychiatrists can give you that hope and treatment required.