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Pros And Cons Of Analog And Digital Mammography Equipment.

Mammography machines are one of the most effective ways to detect breast cancer and has had significant developments over the years. While Analog and Digital Systems both have their benefits and drawbacks, you may have to decide which system is right for you depending on the requirements of your medical facility.

So what are the pros and cons of digital mammography systems vs Analog mammography systems?

Pros of Digital Mammography:
  • Digital Mammography systems are known for providing high-quality images without limitations on breast sizes. This benefit allows mammography to be filmed effectively.
  • Digital mammography systems allow early detection of cancer cells than analog systems.
  • Digital systems can work perfectly with Computer-Aided Detection devices.
  • For easier diagnosis, the images can easily be transferred to a central location.
Cons of Digital Mammography:
  • Digital Mammography systems are significantly more expensive than Analog systems.
  • It is very costly to repair digital mammography if there is any damage or if any parts break.
  • Service contracts are normally not issued for digital mammography systems.
Pros of Analog Mammography:
  • Analog Mammography systems are less expensive compared to digital mammography and can still provide digital images.
  • Since there is no digital detector, analog systems are far less expensive to repair than digital mammography.
  • Analog mammography companies normally provide service contracts.
Cons of Analog Mammography:
  • The quality of images produced is inferior to digital mammography.
  • The process of receiving the images takes longer compared to digital systems since it requires the use of film.
  • Since there are two systems that work together with analog systems, if something breaks on either system, the entire process will be compromised.

Since analog mammography is becoming less popular, it may be difficult to find parts for repairs.

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