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Planning on selling your CT scanner?

Out of all the imaging equipment in the industry, some of the most extensive transformations were done by CT scanners. From the increase of slice counts and the decrease of radiation doses to the reconstruction of algorithms, CT scanners have seen a significant amount of development and continue to grow in improvement.

More recently, it is seen that there have been remarkable breakthroughs in detector technology which have impeccably enhanced the ability of technicians to image the internal structure of the body through a single rotation. These advancements have improved the diagnostic time it takes for detection.

If your medical imaging center is seeking to upgrade your standard CT technology to this type of advanced machinery, the following are a few key procedures it would take to sell the existing system to prepare your facility better for the new improvements to come.

General Overview of the System.

When documenting the system, a specification sheet needs to be constructed to determine the overall system capabilities, In addition to the functional details, multiple pictures of the system should also be captured to confirm the specifications, and the overall condition of the system should be illustrated.

The Tube Usage.

One of the essential parts of a CT scanner is the X-ray tube. For that reason, it is necessary to capture the overall usage of the currently used tube.

Equipment details.

A picture of the manufacturer’s asset tags should be present in the documentation. The year, make, model, and the serial number is a must to be included in the equipment documentation.

As you consider putting your CT scanner on the market, the next step would be to seek the right equipment for future practices. The Amber USA team is available to help clients with their medical imaging purchase. Whether you’re looking for GE x ray machines, Philips MRI machines, or other equipment of prominent brands, contact Amber USA now for inquiries!