• Waterproof Remote Control Seal Shield

    seal shield waterproof remote control
    An average person washes his or her hand 20 times a day as the social behavior study analysists states. But when it comes to a restaurant, a hotel, hospital, or a medical clinic the staff members are intended to wash hands even more than the average rate. But still, the dirty hands are the primary […]
  • Antimicrobial keyboard Seal Shield

    seal shield antimicrobial keyboard
    50% of hospital keyboards are tested positive for pathogens presence, and 25% of them were positive for super germ MRSA prevalence in the USA. This issue has occurred because the regular PC keyboards have become the habitat of microorganisms which spread infections and several other diseases by the continues touching. The hospital staff is recommended […]
  • Calibration Tracking Software

    Calibration Tracking Software
    All businesses that involve a production process of some sort are required to maintain and track calibration of equipment that is expensive yet highly essential for the manufacturing process. When related calibration procedures are not performed correctly, that could result in significant downtime due to halts in production processes. Here at Harrington Group International, we […]
  • Retroactive Child Support

    Retroactive Child Support
    When parents divorce, the custodial parent has the right to a certain amount of child support from the non-custodial parent. Retroactive child support is not the same as child support. A gap between when becoming eligible to collect child support and getting the court order finalized is inevitable. During this period, the custodial parent has […]
  • Team Management Software

    Team Management Software
    Are you fed up of circulating emails back and forth to check on the progress of teams assigned to specific tasks? You must’ve experienced that countless such emails go unanswered or receive late responses. With the new Team Management Software introduced by Harrington Group International, none of those scenarios will ever have to be addressed […]
  • Quality Control Tools

    Quality Control Tools
    The quality of a product must be ensured to conform to the necessary quality standards set out. It is also helpful to guarantee the consumer satisfaction with the product. Higher consumer satisfaction leads to higher sales ultimately leading to more profits. Therefore to assure that the quality control of a product is being done properly, […]


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