Used Philips CT Scanner

Is Going For A High-Slice CT Scanner Worth The Cost?

The price difference between low-slice CT scanners and high-slice CT scanners is sufficient to make you think twice. Is it really worth the investment? It is evident that investing in a low-slice CT scanner will help you cut the cost significantly. But will the benefits of a high-slice CT scanner outweigh its cost?

In a perfect world, the need for high-slice CT scanners may be non-existent. But this perfect world is too far from reality. Instead, we have patients with various diseases, arrhythmia’s, and other complications. Also more often than not there are patients who find it difficult to stay completely still — mostly pediatric patients. Nevertheless, CT scans are needed in various such circumstances.

These complications which cannot be eliminated, are tackled better by high-slice CT scanners. They are significantly faster and cover a large image area quickly compared to a low-slice CT scanner. The large imaging area and high image quality are definitely pluses.

What you need in cardiac imaging is a CT scanner that captures the whole heart at one given time. But what you have with low-slice CT scanners is images captured during various instances. When these are patched together, there are artifacts in the resulting image. But with high-slice CT scanners, you can overcome this and minimize the occurrence of artifacts. With reduced artifacts, the accuracy of the interpretations of the test result is significantly higher.

Also, it must be noted that those who have opted for high-slice CT scanners vouch for the worth of their benefits. Many claim to never wanting to use a low-slice CT scanner again owing to the upgrade in image quality and such.
If you are looking for a Used Philips CT Scanner or any other CT Sacnner of a different brand, it’s time for you to choose between a high-slice CT scanner and a low-slice CT scanner weighing out the benefits with the cost. And Amber Diagnostics is right here to help you with making the right decision. To answer all your questions and guide you till the final installation of your new purchase of used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, contact Amber Diagnostics right away.