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Does Vitiligo Cause Hair Loss

The skin condition known as Vitiligo is caused by the selective destruction of melanocyte cells that make up the skin’s pigment. The cause of vitiligo is yet to be identified. However, it is believed that this condition may have an autoimmune foundation. The primary reason for the disease is the change and loss of pigment in different areas of the skin. The same amount of loss of pigment could be found in the areas of the eyebrows, hair, or eyelashes.

But does vitiligo really lead to hair loss?

According to recent studies, it is suggested that there could be a possibility of hair loss that could occur as a result of vitiligo. The presence of alopecia areata (also known as spot baldness) in individuals has also been identified.

It is deemed that the presence of alopecia is a common disease that occurs while individuals have vitiligo. However, vitiligo is far more common in people who have vitiligo than the general population.

In conclusion, even with the recent studies that have been conducted, it isn’t exactly clear as to whether vitiligo leads to hair loss or alopecia. However, the two diseases do seem to go hand in hand and occur together. Seeking the necessary care by consulting a lake dermatology leesburg specialist and treating the disease as soon as possible is the key. This would additionally consist of a diet which is low in foods that are inflammatory and high in anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Individuals may also suffer from low-esteem due to a change in the physical appearance. For this reason, it is always better to seek medical help in order to overcome these skin conditions as soon as possible.

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