Can all C-Arms guarantee the same ROI?

In the medical imaging industry, it is essential to keep in mind that to make money with medical imaging equipment, you would have to spend money. You may be able to spend between 10,000 USD to 400,000 USD on your initial medical imaging equipment purchase. However, spending more money on these equipment won’t guarantee you better reimbursements.

Of course, this does not mean that the least expensive C-Arm device is the best choice. In fact, depending on your C-Arm usage, the initial cost could either make a difference on your ROI or it may not.
Refurbished C-Arms.

Consider the studies you would be performing through your C-Arm device. Even though the procedures may be reimbursed at different amounts, the amount would ultimately be the same whether the work was done through an older system or more current system. When opting for a less expensive system, you might just be able to save enough for a place somewhere else in your budget.

New C-Arms.

When a medical facility exists in a competitive market, refurbished C-Arms may not be able to compete against the systems in the surrounding area. In this case, it might be possible that going with a more updated and brand new device would make more sense for your facility. New technologies continue to emerge in the field of medical imaging. However, keep in mind that when properly maintained by a qualified service provider, even a late C-Arm model can last quite a while.

At the same time, you should know that refurbished C-Arms also offer late C-Arm models with features that may be able to help your facility compete in the industry as opposed to brand new systems.

In the long-run, what it comes down to is the individual circumstances and a number of considerations that may come into play. Whether you decide to purchase a brand-new unit or a used or refurbished C-Arm, you can expect to see an adequate C-Arm reimbursement rate from C-Arm to C-Arm.

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Where does Amber get your imaging equipment?

Purchasing pre-owned medical imaging equipment is a lot different than purchasing a brand new piece of equipment. One of the main differences is where the equipment comes from. For brand new medical imaging equipment, the system comes directly from the factory it was built in.

As a firm that issues used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, Amber USA often finds that customers question how the devices are acquired.

The answer to that is that there are actually numerous ways a vendor could obtain medical imaging equipment. Amber USA has devised a list of three methods for how they obtain their equipment.

• Purchasing from facilities.
Amber USA uses this method as the primary form of obtaining imaging equipment. A department in the Amber USA organization conducts extensive outbound calls in an effort to locate imaging equipment that is available for purchase. Medical facilities can also contact Amber USA as a way to advertise their equipment for purchase.
• Purchasing from leasing companies.
Medical imaging equipment that is financed using an adequate market value where customers don’t buy the system at the end of the leasing period is taken back by the institution. Amber USA can purchase this equipment if they qualify as the highest bidder if the system is of quality condition.
• Purchasing from resellers.
A lot of resellers work well together in the market. With that being said, Amber USA would then be able to purchase and sell equipment to each other if one company has the system that Amber USA requires and vice versa.
No matter the place the system is obtained from, at Amber USA makes sure the acquired equipment is of high-quality and suitable for sale.

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Planning on selling your CT scanner?

Out of all the imaging equipment in the industry, some of the most extensive transformations were done by CT scanners. From the increase of slice counts and the decrease of radiation doses to the reconstruction of algorithms, CT scanners have seen a significant amount of development and continue to grow in improvement.

More recently, it is seen that there have been remarkable breakthroughs in detector technology which have impeccably enhanced the ability of technicians to image the internal structure of the body through a single rotation. These advancements have improved the diagnostic time it takes for detection.

If your medical imaging center is seeking to upgrade your standard CT technology to this type of advanced machinery, the following are a few key procedures it would take to sell the existing system to prepare your facility better for the new improvements to come.

General Overview of the System.

When documenting the system, a specification sheet needs to be constructed to determine the overall system capabilities, In addition to the functional details, multiple pictures of the system should also be captured to confirm the specifications, and the overall condition of the system should be illustrated.

The Tube Usage.

One of the essential parts of a CT scanner is the X-ray tube. For that reason, it is necessary to capture the overall usage of the currently used tube.

Equipment details.

A picture of the manufacturer’s asset tags should be present in the documentation. The year, make, model, and the serial number is a must to be included in the equipment documentation.

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