Tips for Properly Relocating A CT Scanner

Relocating a CT scanner to a different location is never an easy task and almost always expensive. However, sometimes, it is inevitable. When moving to a new building or new room, the CT scanner has to be moved. Amber USA has prepared various clients for the process over the years and the following are a few tips to help clients with their moving process.

Consider the cost.

Many variables need to be considered when moving a CT scanner, including the cost. Relocating a CT scanner can cost between 15,000 to 25,000 USD depending on the distance the system would need to be transported. However, it would definitely cost more to relocate a CT scanner across a state.

Prepare the Site.

You would be required to set up a meeting with the manager of the building at the new building and an electrician. Mechanical and electrical requirements may vary upon the CT scanner model that would need relocating. In that case, the answers to the following questions may need to be considered.

  • The type of power connections the CT scanner would require.
  • Is the CT scanner air-cooled or water-cooled?
  • The HVAC and plumbing necessities needed.
  • The dimensions of the movement.
  • The clinical function considered for the layout.
Define a timeline for the movement.

For transporting and relocating a CT scanner system, there are various parts that would need to be moved. Therefore it is essential to establish a schedule. Ensure that the new space is ready for the relocation movement in advance.

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Pros And Cons Of Analog And Digital Mammography Equipment.

Mammography machines are one of the most effective ways to detect breast cancer and has had significant developments over the years. While Analog and Digital Systems both have their benefits and drawbacks, you may have to decide which system is right for you depending on the requirements of your medical facility.

So what are the pros and cons of digital mammography systems vs Analog mammography systems?

Pros of Digital Mammography:
  • Digital Mammography systems are known for providing high-quality images without limitations on breast sizes. This benefit allows mammography to be filmed effectively.
  • Digital mammography systems allow early detection of cancer cells than analog systems.
  • Digital systems can work perfectly with Computer-Aided Detection devices.
  • For easier diagnosis, the images can easily be transferred to a central location.
Cons of Digital Mammography:
  • Digital Mammography systems are significantly more expensive than Analog systems.
  • It is very costly to repair digital mammography if there is any damage or if any parts break.
  • Service contracts are normally not issued for digital mammography systems.
Pros of Analog Mammography:
  • Analog Mammography systems are less expensive compared to digital mammography and can still provide digital images.
  • Since there is no digital detector, analog systems are far less expensive to repair than digital mammography.
  • Analog mammography companies normally provide service contracts.
Cons of Analog Mammography:
  • The quality of images produced is inferior to digital mammography.
  • The process of receiving the images takes longer compared to digital systems since it requires the use of film.
  • Since there are two systems that work together with analog systems, if something breaks on either system, the entire process will be compromised.

Since analog mammography is becoming less popular, it may be difficult to find parts for repairs.

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Is Going For A High-Slice CT Scanner Worth The Cost?

The price difference between low-slice CT scanners and high-slice CT scanners is sufficient to make you think twice. Is it really worth the investment? It is evident that investing in a low-slice CT scanner will help you cut the cost significantly. But will the benefits of a high-slice CT scanner outweigh its cost?

In a perfect world, the need for high-slice CT scanners may be non-existent. But this perfect world is too far from reality. Instead, we have patients with various diseases, arrhythmia’s, and other complications. Also more often than not there are patients who find it difficult to stay completely still — mostly pediatric patients. Nevertheless, CT scans are needed in various such circumstances.

These complications which cannot be eliminated, are tackled better by high-slice CT scanners. They are significantly faster and cover a large image area quickly compared to a low-slice CT scanner. The large imaging area and high image quality are definitely pluses.

What you need in cardiac imaging is a CT scanner that captures the whole heart at one given time. But what you have with low-slice CT scanners is images captured during various instances. When these are patched together, there are artifacts in the resulting image. But with high-slice CT scanners, you can overcome this and minimize the occurrence of artifacts. With reduced artifacts, the accuracy of the interpretations of the test result is significantly higher.

Also, it must be noted that those who have opted for high-slice CT scanners vouch for the worth of their benefits. Many claim to never wanting to use a low-slice CT scanner again owing to the upgrade in image quality and such.
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How Can You Know When To Make Advancements To Your Medical Imaging Equipment System.

In recent years, there have been multiple advances in medical imaging technology. These advancements have been known to improve the overall performance of medical imaging machines and provide patients with an accurate diagnosis.

Because of all the advancements that have been made readily available at all times for imaging equipment, the question may arise – how can you know when it’s time to shut down your current system and upgrade the system to increase capabilities? Would it be worth it to disrupt practices to take the time to do so?

The following are a few things to consider and questions that need to be asked that may make the decision process a little easier.

The outcome of the advancements.
  • Will the advancement provide better patient experience and improved safety?
  • Would the new upgrade be able to help your medical facility reach the clinical outcomes desired?
  • Can the metrics for performance be improved?
  • Can the consistency of the practices be assured?
Considerations the staff may have.
  • Would the advancement be able to improve staff and physician satisfaction?
  • Can the staff development be ensured?
  • Would the improvement contribute to staff retention?
The volume of patients.
  • Would there be an increase in patients?
  • Would the quality of the advancement be able to improve patient satisfaction?
Financial performance.
  • Would the advancement contribute to the facility in a financial aspect?
  • Can be the costs be redeemed through an increase of satisfied patients?

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What Happens When Your Medical Equipment Faces Natural Disasters.

There can be a natural disaster striking at any moment that can affect people and property. Homes, businesses, and even medical facilities can either lose all their equipment or even be out of power. There can be floods, damages, and also strong winds that can have a significant impact on how medical facilities operate.

So how can medical facilities recover and continue providing services to save the lives of people in the community?

First and foremost, the goal is, of course, to find a proper solution. That would enable the medical practitioners to continue providing the services that the community needs. After all, it would be expected after natural disasters strike. As a leading organization in providing used and refurbished medical imaging equipment, Amber USA delivers services to clients in the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way to ensure that the patient needs are taken care of.

If your clinic, hospital, or other facilities for medical practices is faced with any natural disaster experiences, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, it is essential to find out if the medical imaging equipment is still able to function correctly. Fortunately, Amber USA provides a team of experts to visit the site and take a good look while executing tests to ensure that the equipment still works without any major issues. Determining if the machine is safe to use is absolutely necessary since medical imaging equipment isn’t something to meddle with by non-experts.

The expert team provided by Amber USA also provides quick and easy repair services. If it has been determined that your medical imaging equipment is no longer able to function, that shouldn’t be a problem. Amber USA has some of the best quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment readily available to be shipped and installed as required.

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