What Is Cyclothymia?

Do you know what cyclothymia is? If you ask a number of random people what cyclothymic disorder is, many will give you a blank stare. Many probably will not have heard of it or read it anywhere. While a handful might even categorize it as being the same as bipolar disorder. It is worth pointing out that this handful has come somewhat close at least.

Cyclothymic disorder can be termed as a mild form of bipolar disorder. Individuals with cyclothymic disorder may experience short periods of mood swings. Those mood swings may be low like depressive moods and may even be elevated like hypomania. These mood swings may not be as extreme as major depressive disorders or full mania. That is in severity and duration of each state. Nevertheless, cyclothymic disorder can be treated after proper diagnosis by a skilled Psychiatrist.

Cyclothymic disorder does not make a person depressed or elevated mid-sentence. Instead, it descends on the individual somewhat gradually. Some cases have seen individuals waking up in the morning with a depressive state. Only to reach an elevated hypomanic state by noon and back to depressive states at the end of the day.

It must be said that only a professional Psychiatrist can conduct a proper diagnosis of cyclothymia. Self-diagnosis and treatment with over-the-counter medication are strictly advised against. That’s why we urge you to seek the help of a qualified psychiatrist when it comes to addressing mental health.

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Monitoring Your Social Media During Divorce

Social media has turned into a necessary, everyday part of our lives. Many of us are used to posting all our celebrations and woes on social media. Social media undoubtedly helps us connect with our friends and family who live across the world. It lets us stay up-to-date about what’s happening in their lives while updating them about what’s happening in ours.

But what happens when it comes to divorce? Some of us tend to use social media to vent our anger during divorce. What do you think? What will your Divorce Lawyer Orlando FL advice you to do?

During a divorce, even your social media will be under surveillance by the other party. Whatever you post on social media can be used as evidence against you in the case. The pictures you post can turn out as a exhibit if it supports their argument in some way.

Therefore, it is advisable to monitor what you post on social media during a divorce as whatever you post can end up with the other party.

There have been many times where what people have posted on social media have been used against them in court. Don’t let yourself be the next in line. Your social media posts if presented as evidence in court can affect the outcome of your divorce case. It is best to keep your social media at bay during these times.

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ADHD & Procrastination Go Hand In Hand

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or rather ADHD and procrastination go hand in hand.

Have you ever started off your day with a manageable to-do list? But ended it only to move those tasks on to the next day’s to-do list? ADHD can make it impossible to manage your time the proper way. Getting through your day seems easy as ever at the beginning of the day, and you’ve got a good start. But a few miles down the road, here you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

After all, you may have accounted for all the breaks and distractions that may come your way. But before you know it, you’ve surpassed the allowable limit and ended up doing nothing meaningful the whole day. ADHD can take a toll on your life and leave you wondering how each day passes by so fast. Without any of your meaningful tasks making it out of your to-do list. The number of distractions that take away your focus can be just immense. And every day just seems to be the same. No matter how good you feel about it in the morning.

ADHD affects more people than you think. Although more common in children, it can progress to adulthood as well. One-third of children with ADHD have the risk of taking it with them to adulthood.

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Parent’s Unhealthy Relationship Is Worse Than Divorce Itself

We have all heard about how hard and challenging it is for the children when the parent’s divorce. But think about this for a moment. What will really impose a worse scenario on the children? When the parents undergo a divorce? Or when the parents continue to stay together with a hostile and strained relationship?

Believe it or not. The latter can have a worse impact on the children. But many decide it’s better to continue staying in an unhealthy relationship just for the sake of the children. But if you really look at what’s best for children, that will not be the case. Children suffer immensely when the parent’s relationship turns strained and volatile.

In many cases, parents who had such relationships during the marriage improved for the better after the divorce. Divorce can help you start over, and this helps many find a better side of themselves.

But all in all, this doesn’t always happen. Bear in mind, that even after a divorce, you’ll still be a parent. And after divorce, co-parenting is necessary. If the divorced parents continue to be hostile towards each other, it will still be unhealthy for the children. It is important to be able to set aside your differences and move on to a new chapter in life.

The bottom line is that staying in a toxic relationship will not do you any good nor your children. If you think it’s time to move on for the better, its time that you find the best Divorce Lawyer Orlando FL. Your Divorce Lawyer plays a critical role during your marriage dissolution. There are many issues to be resolved and settled when dissolving a marriage. A competent Divorce Lawyer Orlando like Erin Morse can help you get the best outcome in the end. Call her law office right now to schedule an appointment.