Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is a quite common mental health condition that affects the way you feel, not for the better but for the worst. These negative feelings in general and prolonged feelings of sadness are parts of depression. It can also cause the affected individual to lose interest in activities from which they once gained enjoyment.

Several signs or symptoms that are associated with the onset of depression are present. Knowing these signs and symptoms beforehand can help you recognize the presence of depression in yourself or another. But self-diagnosis is not recommended as it’s always best to approach a Psychiatrist to conduct a proper diagnosis. Then the psychiatrist can decide on the appropriate treatment or combination of treatments that will render most effective.

A change of appetite is a common occurrence when the onset of depression starts. This change can go both ways as per overeating and undereating. Individuals with depression may find it difficult to have an appetite. And on the other hand, may even eat more than usual.

Another common trait is that these individuals will feel more lethargic than usual. The lack of energy will cause them to withdraw from many activities they once enjoyed. The urge to even move will be somewhat non-existent.

Low self-esteem is another common sign in individuals with depression. They may have persistent negative feelings towards themselves. The sense of them not being good enough will be present in their minds continuously.

These are but only a few of the traits that are present in individuals suffering from depression. The mere presence of these will not result in depression and neither will their lack suggest the absence of depression. But these can also be warning signs. A qualified Winter Garden Psychiatrist can conduct a proper diagnosis and come to a conclusion. A person suffering from depression needs to feel that there is hope. Here at Silver Lining Psychiatry, our Psychiatrists can give you that hope and treatment required.

Who Gets To Keep The Family Home?

Whenever a married couple divorces, the property they owned together have to be divided amongst them. The family home is one such asset that needs to be dealt with during property division. And this asset is one close to both spouse’s hearts in most cases.

In Florida, the division must be in a fair manner as it is an equitable distribution state. The family home is either kept by one spouse while the other gets to keep a similarly valuable asset. Or the house is sold off, and the proceeds are divided amongst the two in a fair manner.

Although it may appear simple, that is not the case in many instances. When it comes to selling off your family home, it can be a bit hard to part ways with it. That is another tough part of a divorce.

And also, the valuation of your house might not be up to your expectations. You might have many significant parts of your home that you value immensely and would pay a lot for. But not everyone appreciates the same things. So another homeowner might not see it worth the same price that you do. These valuations are usually done in comparison with other properties in the area. Also, the assessment can also vary depending on the person who does it.

Your attorney can tell you how to make the most out of the given situation. Make sure that your rights and best interests are protected during the property division.

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The Right Amount Of Child Support

Child support is an obligation fulfilled by one parent towards the other for the financial benefit of the child. This responsibility helps to make sure that the child does not suffer lack of any necessities even after the divorce.

Both parents have to invest their efforts when it comes to child support. Whether it’s paying child support or recovering it, both can be exhausting. But this becomes too tedious to handle only if the right amount of child support is not decided upon. This is a two-way street.

Sometimes, the amount of child support decided upon is not even up to the bare minimum required to get by. When this happens, the parent who’s at the receiving end only has to suffer the exhaustion. That is why it is necessary to make sure that your Child Support Attorney decides on the right amount. If not, the rights of the child in concern will be violated. There are many factors to be considered when determining the amount of child support. Make sure that your Child Support Attorney considers all factors when deciding the amount.

Also, on the other hand, make sure that the amount of child support decided upon is payable. If you can’t meet the requirement, that will also end up limiting the fulfillment of the child’s needs. Therefore, make sure that your Child Support Attorney Orlando helps you decide on the right amount. If the pay or parent doesn’t have means to meet the requirement, it will definitely defy the purpose of child support.

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Living Stress Free

Living Stress-Free. Easier said than done isn’t it? With everything that’s going on around you and more and more responsibilities being added to your shoulders, is living stress-free even possible?

Stress is of two types. Good stress and bad stress. Good stress can drive you forward towards achieving your life goals. Having no stress at all is not the goal. A bit of good stress that becomes your driving force helps you get through life better.

It’s the bad stress that you must watch out for. Too much of anything is bad. Too much stress can lead to many problems. Physical and mental health deterioration is amongst the top consequences. Sometimes even leading to drastic decisions being taken that you and your loved ones will soon regret.

Your health must be given top priority at all times. And this includes both physical and mental health. Never undermine psychological health issues, as they can ultimately give you more trouble than some physical illnesses. As the WHO states “there is no health without mental health.”

Your Orlando Psychiatrist at Silver Lining Psychiatry can help you with maintaining good mental health. Mental health issues must be diagnosed and appropriately treated as soon as they are identified. And who is better than your Psychiatrist at doing that? With the required knowledge and experience, proper diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues are possible. And that is what we do at Silver Lining Psychiatry.

In our stressful lives, mental health issues are sometimes just inevitable. There are many incidents and situations that induce too much stress on our minds and bodies. You can’t just tune out and miss out on life. But you don’t have to struggle alone. Let’s make things right again. Call Silver Lining Psychiatry to schedule an appointment right away! Get back the life you are losing out on.

Divorce & Children

Divorce can have adverse effects on children’s mental and emotional health and well-being. While in some cases, these effects are temporary and subside after some time. In others, the effects may exist for prolonged periods of time and can even permanently affect children’s psychological development.

Parents always put their children’s well-being first and foremost when it comes to anything. Even during and after a divorce, it is the same way. Here are some steps that can be taken by parents to minimize the harmful effects of divorce on their children.

First of all, it is advisable to minimize the involvement of children in divorce matters. Even matters that directly affect children such as custody and support can be preferably settled among the parents, without bringing in the children.

Children must be able to maintain neutral ground regarding divorce proceedings. We often see many parents trying to plant ill feelings and thoughts in children’s minds regarding the other parent. Doing so will only distance the children from the parent and make them even doubt your judgment. Always try to maintain an amicable relationship that does not involve speaking ill about the other parent. Unless in precarious situations, it is always recommended for both parents to be involved in the children’s lives equally. That must be facilitated at all possible times.

Another must is to make sure that your children receive the extra emotional support that they might need. Yes, it is a tough time for you but remember that it is even tougher for children. In most cases, therapy has been known to help children and even parents get through these tough times.

Your Child Support Attorney Orlando FL can too help you get what is best for your child. Make sure that you get the best legal counsel available from the best Child Support Attorney Orlando FL. Erin Morse and her team can help you ensure that yours and your child’s interests remain protected. Find out how to do that by calling Child Support Attorney Orlando FL, Erin Morse’s office right away.